Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Composting at THS

So....whats a compost?
compost is a collection of yard trimmings, food scraps, water, and soil that can be used for growing healthy plants. compost is better than pesticides because pesticides is a poison that keeps bugs away and to make fruits/vegetables look perfect, which can also harm you. where as compost can use those bugs to help the soil help the plants grow healthier than pesticides.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

waste audit

ok, so we did a little waste audit a while back,(survey the trash thrown away), and saw that a lot of people don't recycle things.
we saw paper, food, house shoes, deodorant, and some other things that i won't say.
we also weighed the bag of trash as well. it was around 7lbs of trash in it, which could have been reduced if people recycled.just about everything looked like it could have been recycled.
it looked a lot worse when we dumped it all. it looked really nasty(someone threw up in it too). there was stuff that shouldn't even be at school. like a certain type of DVD, house slippers, which could have went to a thrift store.
so after we dumped it we sorted it all out into recyclable categories like food waste, paper, plastics, etc. the food one looked like it started to grow mold.
then we weighed the piles one by one. i don't have the measurements though so i cant tell how much they weigh.

Friday, April 25, 2008

litter survey

yesterday we surveyed the campus before and after lunch th see the difference of litter around. we looked at four areas,grassy areas in between halls, the quad, in front of the school, and the administration wing. before lunch there was hardly ANY litter anywhere. i mean, it was REALLY PRETTY!

but after lunch it was everywhere! i almost cried after i saw it.(not really) but it was pretty nasty and a huge difference. i mean really disgusting!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

how i recycle at home

don't let that recycling bin just sit there! use it! its there foe a reason. people don't realize that the plastics, paper, card board can be reused. fyi: a lot of the things we use is recycled. from compost, to paper, to the food we eat! yes the food we eat is recycled too. bread is made of pizza crusts. no i'm just kidding, food isn't recycled like that. food and grass clippings make compost. compost helps the plants grow, also it very good for the soil. other than those two recyclables, you can recycle clothes as well. you can give them to a local thrift store, a shelter, or a family member that can fit them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

intro! ^_^[V]

Here at Tennyson High school, we are now part of the SLWRP (school learning waste reduction program). the main topic is basically to inform, and persuade students and/or others to recycle more often. alot of people don't recycle and don realize what they're doing to pollute the air. thats why we use the four r's. Recycle, Reuse, Rot, Reduce. stay with me to learn about them